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Welcome to Osaka Rubber Pvt. Ltd.

Offering myriad Molded Rubber Products like Rubber Mastic Tape, Self Adhesive Tapes, Butyl Sealant Tape, Industrial Sealants & Adhesives, etc.

Our Business Philosophy

The reason for company's dominance in Indian Market is based on diverse client base and solid manufacturing power.

Quality Assurance

We believe in communicating the best quality assurance practices to our employees and customers with the aim to lay the foundation of trust.

Our Infrastructure

The infrastructural set up in Mumbai, India has the capability to check the manufacturing environments and products as well as material of construction to ensure that they are in compliance with the standards defined by our company for safety and quality.

Management- 360 Degree Control

Our management follows a comprehensive and practical approach to ensure smoothness in all aspects of business.
Most Popular Products
Butyl Sealant Tape
We are a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of an unmatched array of Butyl Sealant Tape. These are widely used for the purpose of sealing, damping and bonding metallic, non metallic, underwater and underground materials. The excellent bonding property and aging resistance of our tapes make them suitable for applying for long duration. Easy to cut and uniform width of our tapes make them simple to use and reliable in sealing anything as per the structural design. Further, our Butyl Sealant Tape has a huge demand owing to its weather resistance.
Butyl Mastic Tape
This Butyl Mastic Tape is highly suitable for joining and sealing together a variety of surfaces including polypropylene, polyethylene, concrete, PVC, metal and wood. Non-hardening in nature, this tape has an aggressive surface tack. Best known among clients for their high tensile strength, these have self-fusing butyl rubber mastic which is highly suitable for making water and humidity resistant seals. In addition, it also creates a weatherproof seal around the cable connections.

About Us

In the year 1981, Osaka Rubber Pvt. Ltd. started it's business under the category of rubber components, which has since then remained the major product of our company. Today, we are a noteworthy brand in the industry providing a series of EPDM Rubber Profile Products such as Rubber Mastic Tape, Butyl Sealant , Self Adhesive Tapes, Butyl Sealant Tape, Mastic Tape, Silicone Sealants, Industrial Sealants & Adhesives, etc. Regarded as the prestigious manufacturer, exporter and supplier of aforementioned products, we aim to surpass every competition. Few applications areas of Molded Rubber Products like Rubber Mastic Tape, Butyl Sealant and others include Aluminum Fabricators, Automobiles, Constructions, Glass Insulating Units, Railways and Shipping. Although EDPM Rubber Products form a major part of our product portfolio, we are provide a series of other products that are made of Synthetic Rubbers, strictly according to the demands and specifications provided by clients.

Why Us?

We continue to update our EPDM Rubber Gaskets, Self Adhesive Tapes and other products in our portfolio to improvise the quality standards, besides acquiring deeper understanding of the sector and market latest development in order to respond to the enduring changes and striking challenges of the industry with a view to achieving highly satisfactory base of clients.
  • Efficient professionals
  • Experienced R&D department
  • Sound infrastructure
  • Good financial position and TQM
  • Large product line
  • Wide distribution network
  • Client centered approach
  • Ethical business practices.