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Butyl Tape

Sealent Tapes are mostly used to block the passage of water or any fluid from the open edges or corners of any surface, it is ideal to use on complex surfaces. These tapes are used to serve for various automobile purposes, bag sealing, can work against UV rays and vacuum bagging operations due to its excellent adhesive property. They provide strong seal to any uncovered surface.

Mastic Tape

Mastic tapes are highly adhesive due to which they are preferred to seal the material. These are used in several construction and electrical applications to give protection from unfavorable environmental conditions. It has the property of insulating barriers, padding, sealing and moisture resistant. Since they are developed from insulating rubber backing, therefore are also used to prevent objects from corrosion.

EPDM Membrane
EPDM membranes are synthetic rubber made membranes which are typically used in numerous waterproofing applications. The construction and automotive sectors demand for such products in abundance.
Tacky Tapes
Tacky Tapes are the metal building adhesive sealant tapes that are used for roof panel joints with a good thermal and water resistant capabilities. They are provided with a series of thin layers of elastic strips to give higher strength.
Expansion Joints Profiles

The Expansion Joints Profiles are made available by us for use in the various industries and commercial applications. they are very easy to store and made available in desired shapes and sizes as per the need.

Butyl Fleece Tape
Butyl Fleece Tapes are the self-adhesive sealing solutions that are provided with a layer of glue on one side to provide a tight joint between the open cracks in pipes, roofs and various other objects to provide an airtight seal. 
Vacuum Bag Sealant Tape
Vacuum bag sealant tapes are mastic tape sealants that provide airtight sealing purposes. They are easy to work with and can be used in the sealing of vacuum systems. 
Bitumen Tape
Bitumen tapes are affordable options which are equipped with waterproofing solutions. The tape provides an excellent adhesion property along with sustainability at high temperatures. 
Cork Insulation Butyl Tape
Cork Insulation Butyl Tape are the elastomeric non-asphalt base strips provided with a good adhesive layer on one side to make a firm contact with the materials. The material consist of blends of polymeric butyl and an impermeable buoyant tissue to increase the resistance against water. 
Flashing Tape
Flashing tape are perfect sealing options for wood and galvanized metals. It is opted for window and door applications.  The tape offers high protection to the doors. 
Rubber Gaskets

We are a well-known exporter, supplier and manufacturer of Rubber Gaskets, offering high quality Rubber U Channel and Rubber Expansion Joints to the customers. Made of the finest quality rubber, these products ensure strong resistance to aging, sunlight, ozone and other weather elements.

Industrial Gasket & Membrane Sheet
Industrial Gasket & Membrane Sheet are the components that are used in between the components of a high pressure machinery to create an airtight seal and to prevent the pressure leaks. These are made up of materials that are capable to resist high temperatures and the impacts of water, oil and other liquids.
Rubber Profiles
We are an eminent exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Mastic Tape, which creates a permanent watertight and airtight seal in few minutes. From us, customers will get optimum quality Butyl Mastic Tape. We use high quality raw materials to make our tapes. All tapes are made by keeping in mind the buyers' specific needs and preferences. And so, our tapes are of good quality, ensuring excellent elastic properties. 
Rubber Extrusions

Silicone Rubber Extrusions offered by us are manufactured by using best quality of raw paste which is highly elastic in nature due to the constituents present the mixture. These are fabricated with latest manufacturing processes to give a high end finish to the product.

Butyl Hot Melt Sealants

The offered Butyl Hot Melt Sealants are made available by us for use in various commercial and industrial applications. They are very efficient and made for giving the highly efficient performance.